Since our last update Rotherham Central Neighbourhoods Team have been very busy!

Most recently, PCSO Abby and PCSO Niall located and recovered a stolen Mercedes on the 20th August, our Mounted department have assisted us with patrols down at Long Lane and PC Liam attended the Sitwell Pub Watch meeting.

PC Sawka and PC Abbie spotted a Silver Golf that was parked inappropriately on Greystones Rd, Whiston. After stopping to take a closer look, they engaged with the owner who happened to be known to us. A search was completed and a quantity of Class A drugs were found along with a knuckle duster!! An arrest was made and enquiries are ongoing. This is just some of our proactive work that we have completed all whilst conducting patrols across the Ward and building up relationships within the community.

School patrols around Sitwell School have restarted to tackle any parking complaints and road safety concerns as well as our joint work with the local Youth Club that is held at the Parish Hall. We are in regular contact with the local elected councillors and continue to work with partner agencies in order to deal with reports of anti-social behaviour and support vulnerable residents.

Operation Slow Down has been completed on Broom Lane on the 11th August where 43 vehicles were checked in total, 3 of which over the 30mph speed limit. Another Operation Slow Down has been completed on East Bawtry Road last week where over 80 vehicles were checked, 11 of which were over the speed limit. We have requested Safety Camera Partnership to support us with this as it is a location they have and will continue to visit. They have already processed 436 speeding offences from this location this year and so PLEASE watch your speed.

That's all for now with regards to this recent update but please if you see us around, don't hesitate to stop and say hello!

Take care and stay safe.

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