The census is happening in March 2021.
By taking part and encouraging others to do
the same, you’ll help make sure you and your
community get the services you need.
What is the census?
The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture
of all the people and households in England and Wales.

Local councils, charities and many other organisations use census information
to decide how to spend billions of pounds on services every year.
This includes spending on transport, education and healthcare. To make sure
this money is spent where it’s most needed, it’s important that the census
counts everyone.
Your support matters
We understand that building good relationships with communities means
more people will want to take part in the census.
We also understand that no one knows your community better than you.
Support from trusted local leaders and community representatives will
be vital in helping people take part.
Building community links
We need your help to reach the widest possible audience for Census 2021.
Our local community engagement staff will be on hand throughout
the census with resources, advice and practical support
that helps everyone to take part.
You have a unique understanding of your community’s interests and the
challenges it faces. This knowledge allows us to plan support that help
everyone take part.
Your community links can help us spread the word about what the census
is and why it matters to everyone. This will build trust in the census and
increase support.
Your networks can help us reach people in your community who need
support to take part. This will make sure they’re included.
Find out more
Find out more about working together to support your community.
Read more about the census at
Follow the census @Census2021

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