In the last week almost 70,000 second dose vaccinations have been given to people from the initial priority groups, maximising their protection from the Covid vaccination.

To date more than 90% of those aged 65 and over have now had their second dose.

Vaccinations have been taking place across the local vaccination services and at the vaccination centres and pharmacy services to make sure everyone can receive both vaccinations.


Everyone is urged to attend their second dose appointment. If you have it booked via the national booking system at one of the vaccination centres or pharmacy services, please attend when your appointment is due. If you had your first vaccine at a GP led local vaccination service, you will be contacted around 11-12 weeks from your first appointment, to arrange your second. Please take the time to attend.

Further to the second dose vaccinations that have been taking place this week, more than 18,000 first dose appointments have been given in line with vaccine supply. More first dose vaccinations are becoming available as further supplies are confirmed and we encourage people to keep checking the national booking system if you are eligible and have not had your vaccine yet, or respond to an invite from your local vaccination service.

See more about the latest activity, recorded up to 02 May 2021:


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