DOT PROJECT - a digital cooperative supporting nonprofits to build their digital capabilities and confidence. Through the
programme DOT PROJECT is providing free training and mentoring to charities
and nonprofits to support urgent digital needs at this time. We are specifically looking to support mental health and sexual abuse and domestic violence as we know these services are critical at this time. I wanted to share the details with you in case it
might be relevant to your network.


Beyond is an initiative
funded by the National Lottery Community Fund - last year we helped nearly 300 charities and nonprofits with their digital and will be running until March 2021 to continue our support.

first course will help you audit your existing digital tools, and give you the support needed to develop and implement a digital strategy. You can also join sessions where our facilitators can offer advice on issues you need help with and we will be hosting
an online community of similar organisations working in your space. You can sign-up for the course here,
and join our mailing list for other training opportunities.

We know that the
pandemic and latest lockdown has caused many charities and non-profits to rapidly change and transition to using digital. In our experience, all charities have handled this differently, and if there is a specific need that you would like addressed please let
us know. We will try our best to support you in any way that we can during this period.

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