The Home Office recently announced it was committing up to £25 million to a ensure that women and girls feel safer in public places. They announced a Safer Streets fund that Police and Crime Commissioners and Local Authorities can bid into that aims to:

 Make public spaces and our streets safer;
Reduce VAWG related crimes and increase women and girls’ feelings of safety in public spaces;
Build the evidence base for what works on reducing VAWG related crimes and increasing women and girls’ feelings of safety in the public domain.

We're seeking your input to help us make sure that our bid accurately reflects the concerns of Sussex residents and identifies appropriate ways to tackle them.


Although everyone's views are welcome, it is important that we capture the first-hand experiences and concerns of women and girls. To help support a Sussex bid, we are therefore asking for your input and suggestions by Friday 11 June 2021.


Thank you.

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